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Reviewer: Liam Starr, School of Design Strategies, Integrated Design

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The idea of not being able to see a doctor or having fear of going to the dentist because they refuse to use your real name is a fear that seems illogical and impossible, but is one that trans people face on a daily basis. Specifically, as mentioned in this article, Black Trans Youth are the most at risk for this type of disregard of identity.

The article states quite abruptly and up front that over 40% of black trans people had not seen a doctor in the past year because of financial issues—and 26% of them did not even attempt to go for fear o being mistreated or misrepresented. This is something that likely cisgendered people have not even considered; the idea that a mundane task of seeing a medical professional is made either difficult, scary, or impossible is not a thought many of us have. But it a reality and it is having real consequences. The article also addresses the concern that 47% of black trans people have attempted suicide, a rate which is a staggering almost half of the community as a whole.

Again, basic care is lacking for these human beings. One account of an experience from the article is stated below.

“Last night I went to the hospital because I wasn’t feeling too good. I never got seen. I had insurance, but once they found out I was trans, I guess they didn’t want to help me. When I went in, the lady who was taking my blood pressure asked me all this personal stuff and made faces when I first said I was trans. I waited for three hours, then five hours in the waiting room, and they still didn’t call me into a room — they left me sitting in the waiting room the whole time while they just kept calling other people to see a doctor.”