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This tutorial is for exploring and learning how to use MeshMixer to model a modular form, based on a prototype designed for the Resilient Modular Systems, PBC Modular Brick Unit.  The MeshMixer exploration is applied through the use of “Edge” triangular pattern testing to prototype a triangulated face platform.  The intention of this test is to develop a modular interlocking brick system that could potentially be used for low-skilled and low-fabrication methods for emerging countries.

More information –

Designed by –
Wendy W Fok | Founder
Resilient Modular Systems, PBC


Here are the two videos that are currently available online –

AutoDesk Knowledge Website –

Vimeo –

Software(s) used –

  • AutoDesk MeshMixer
  • AutoDesk Spark G-Code Editor
  • AutoDesk Spark Lattice In-Fill Editor
  • AutoDesk Inventor
  • McNeel Rhinoceros 3D
  • AutoDesk Screencast Recording