Kinect Hacks : Time Travellers

Time Travellers is a real-time video mirror currently installed at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. The Microsoft Kinect is used to take a “depth image” of the viewer and map it to time on a source video. The closer the viewer is to the camera, the later in time is the video.

Time Travellers is Toby Schachman’s final project for Kyle Mcdonald and Zach Lieberman’s class 3D Sensing and Visualization at ITP.

Created in openFrameworks. Source code:​electronicwhisper/​Time-Travellers

Source videos:​photos/​featheredtar/​3141425796/​photos/​twslayer/​3800872636/​photos/​8749778@N06/​3487916315/​wiki/​File:Strawberries_time-lapse.ogv​photos/​ilenny/​4968540405/