#MIT #Researchers #Engineering #Disabled #Elderly Self-Driving Wheelchair

#DESIGN / #VISUALIZATION : Mapbox – Create beautiful custom maps

#BMW #GINA #DESIGN – Visionary Model

#3D #Printing: #Campus #Tech Store Adds 3D Printing Service #UH

ACADEMIC: Geometric Folding Algorithms: Linkages, Origami, Polyhedra

3D PRINTING: Octave Filament works with Solidoodle 3D printer

MAT-FAB: MATERIAL: Laywoo-D3 Inventor introduces Laybrick

3D PRINTING / ROBOTICS: mataerial anti-gravity 3D printer by petr novikov + saša jokić + joris laarman

RESOURCE: WeWantToLearn – Digital Archive for Academia

3D Printing: Creators Project – How to 3D Print

3D PRINTING: Holiday Cookies 3D Printed

3D PRINTING: Branches Out With New Wood-Based Filament

VIDEO: Anthony Vidler – Re-writing the History of the Recent Present: Parametrics before Parametrics

NEWS: Nathan Myhrvold’s Cunning Plan to Prevent 3-D Printer Piracy

VIDEO: 49 quadrocopter in outdoor-formation-flight / Ars Electronica Futurelab / Linz, Austria

ROBOTICS: Rise Of The Sex Machines

3D PRINTING: World’s First 3D Printing Photo Booth to Open in Japan

ROBOTICS: The BeBionic3 Prosthetic Hand

NEWS: Wood That Reaches New Heights (Laminated Wood)

MANUFACTURING: The third industrial revolution

WEB: Top 10 Best Flash Websites 2012

VIDEO: Marc Fornes – Le Centre Pompidou présente Paroles d’artistes

VIDEO: The FreeD – a handheld digital milling device for craft and fabrication

VIDEO: Mediating Mediums – The Digital 3d

VIDEO: Which Way Next? with Guest Carl Bass, Autodesk CEO – Episode 002

FAB: 3-D–Print Yourself With Kinect

FAB-LAB: Gerald D Hines – Fabrication Lab Equipment List

NEWS: Inside Microsoft’s 3D Printing Model Shop

3D TOOLING: Drzach&Suchy use rapid-prototyping

3D MEDIA: scribbled line digital portraits

GEOMETRY: Gömböc a self-perpetual machine

ROBOTS: Flight Assembled Architecture by Gramazio & Kohler / Raffaello D’Andrea

TALK: Let’s Talk – Saturday @ CUTMR (28 Jan, 2012)

PROTOTYPING: How to Improve Communication and Design with 3D Printing – Foster+Partners

WORKSHOP: RhinoFabLab – Gerald D Hines CoA – University of Houston

R&D: megafactories series by national geographic


CONFERENCE: decoded conference (15 October 2011)