#SOFTWARE: #Leopoly – The #3D #Content #Factory

This short post was born to guide you through the seamless process of creating and personalizing your first unique 3D printable design.
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But what’s Leopoly?
It’s an online, easy-to-use 3D object creator and customizer solution tool, proving that creating things can be really easy and fun. Users can store all of their models online and come back anytime to continue reshaping them at any point.  To provide its users with a broad range of choices, there is a constantly growing number of modeling tools and templates.
So get started!

Please visit: http://leopoly.com/apps/ where you will find 12 ways – 12 apps to start: Design your customized MEME sculpture, Make your own Printable Zoo, Go for your special phone case, Get your mom a truly unique home décor item, Surprise your beloved ones with a special meaning pendant, and so on! You can also realize your totally own concept by starting from scratch and choosing from the wide range of design tools that Leopoly presents.

Source: 3D Hubs


1. Let’s start the day with for example, a custom stylish door handle!


2. To make your job a bit easier, you can pick a template model to start with. Just click and go!


3. The HomeDecor App includes 3 easy creation steps (the steps varies between the different apps). You can use the slides to twist, lengthen, shorten, corrugate etc. You are also able to engrave or emboss nice and funny stamps or messages. Other apps include painting and sculpting also.



4. If you are satisfied with your work, click on the “cloud” icon, to Save/ 3DPrint/ Export. After naming and saving you’ll be able to choose which way to continue. For direct printing, choose “3DPRINT”/ ”3DHUBS” or click on the “EXPORT” button to get your own STL or OBJ file.



5. Get your personalized HomeDecor item to your door step and smile 🙂



As I said before, the 12 apps offers 12 ways to start, but the possibilities are endless. Let me show you some more Leopoly creations:

Me Gusta MEME by MEME App



Painted parrot by Zoo App



Custom Vase, by Vase Creator App


We’d really appreciate it if you’d like to give the app a go and share your designs and prints below. And if you have any questions, we’ll make sure to answer all of them!