Liam Starr
Category: Social Media/Politics/Women

Industry: Political Field/Social Media/Beauty

Location: Global/United States

Related to: Women/Health and Body

Reviewer: Liam Starr, School of Design Strategies, Integrated Design

Company: Snapchat

Website: buzzfeed.com

While many do not consider Snapchat a design item, it absolutely has an element of creation that completely alters user experience. Especially with the expansive world of social media, these top selling and top used apps (Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter the most popular around the world) have a social implication that ultimately they must follow. Once they do not, social issues and political action are usually revealed. In an article by Buzzfeed, women around the country are upset that a Marie Curie Snapchat filter was fitted with eyeliner and a thinner face. While some may pass this up as a coincidence or not consider it with any social bearing, it obviously has had an affect on women who feel that the beauty standard for women is unfair. The argument is that fitting her with eyeliner and a more traditionally “beautiful” face completely undermines her accomplishments as a scientist as researcher, one with immense weight in the scientific and feministic world.