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Reviewer: Jia Fu Jolyn, Lee – Parsons School of Design

Company: Instagram, Snapchat

Website: Kircher, Madison Malone. “Is Instagram Killing Snapchat? We Asked People Who Really Matter: Teenagers” NY Magazine. Feb 10, 2017. http://nymag.com/selectall/2017/02/teens-say-snapchat-more-popular-than-instagram-stories.html


Instagram was not shy to acknowledge that its Instagram Stories feature is a carbon copy of the Snapchat app, both in design and functionality. Snap Inc. has also maintained that the replication of similar functions on Instagram’s newest platform could impact their performance in terms of user engagement and growth.


However, while the release of Instagram Stories in the summer of 2016 did cause some controversy, Instagram’s larger user-base seemed to embrace the new feature, as evidenced from app analytics company App Annie, indicating an increase in user engagement on Instagram Stories, while Snapchat’s growth stagnated.


In spite of their sluggish growth, Snapchat continues to have a strong fan base. Its users are loyal to the app that pioneered its trademark for impermanency, while dismissing Instagram Stories as an unnecessary addition on Instagram. Snapchat users also seem to prefer its user-friendly and clean interface. Another reason for its strong user base could also be attributable to the app’s augmented reality features. Its implementation of “selfie” camera lenses, such as the popular dog filter, flower crown filter and face swap filter are unique to the Snapchat app, which may account for the app’s sustained popularity despite the emergence of Instagram Stories’ similar functionalities.