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Reviewer: Jia Fu Jolyn, Lee – Parsons School of Design

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Website: Betters, Elyse. “Snapchat Spectacles: What are they, how do they work and where can you buy them?” Pocket-lint. Feb 20, 2017. http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/138956-snapchat-spectacles-what-are-they-how-do-they-work-and-where-can-you-buy-them

Snapchat recently launched its own Google glass-style pair of sunglasses. Though more basic than Google Glass or other augmented-reality devices, it certainly catches the eye with its funky colours. With Spectacles, Snapchat opens up the possibility of capturing hands-free, phone-free moments.

The glasses can record video snippets that automatically save to your Snapchat Memories. It features a camera with a 115-degree lens, which is designed to mimic how humans actually see. The Spectacles doesn’t need to be in range with your phone to sync once you’ve paired the glasses with your Snapchat app, when the Spectacles are in Wi-Fi range of the phone, your recorded snaps will sync with your Memories.


However, this new wearable device was previously only available at Snapbots, a special vending machine that popped up across the US. The limited distribution created a buzz around Spectacles when it was first announced. It is now available online, in all three colours (black, teal and coral), selling at $129 each.