ROBOTICS: #Robot #Butler

For too long, the vision of comprehensive home automation has been primarily the realm of science fiction. But that’s about to change: Robot Butler is the complete smart home solution we’ve all been waiting for. It’s the first-ever mass-market, affordable robot that delivers on the opportunity to live in the future by living with the future.

Highest Quality

No expense was spared and no corner cut while rushing out Robot Butler, who is much more than household help. This multi-use product isn’t just a sous-chef and a handyman — Robot Butler also uses special proprietary software that allows it to help raise your children, make financial decisions, or finally figure out how to remodel that incredibly dated kitchen.


Because Robot Butler is designed to cater to your every whim, he’ll discover your likes and, more importantly, your dislikes. Within months, he’ll know you better than you know yourself.


Make no mistake, Robot Butler works for you. However, he is also programmed to work WITH you. So whether you’re having trouble assembling confusing Swedish furniture, or need a little advice, consider Robot Butler your partner in crime.


Don’t be fooled, there’s nothing artificial about Robot Butler‘s intelligence. He can learn. He can teach. He is fluent in over 20 forms of communication, a number increasing with each new update. With Robot Butler in your house, you’ll finally have all the answers.

Some key early adopters are already enjoying their Robot Butlers. For the rest of America, Robot Butlers will be available for pre-order later this week at Don’t waste another year not getting your family the tech toy they really want.

This post is a sponsored collaboration between Robot Butler and Studio@Gawker.