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RhinoScript 101

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Summary: RhinoScript 101 Primer and Articles


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RhinoScript 101 is a project which aims to ease the transition from user to developer. Scripting is an extremely powerful yet relatively easy to learn way of automating Rhino. However, since it involves programming the mental threshold for beginners is rather high. RRhinoScript 101 offers a set of articles about the subject, starting at the very beginning.

Initially the RhinoScript 101 Primer was released as a set of articles which could be downloaded from this webspace. Due to the size of the project it has been merged into a single PDF which makes it more maintainable.

This publication is still a work-in-progress. Please send us your comments, questions and wishes.

Download RhinoScript 101 collection consisting of:

  • The Book (PDF)
  • The Examples (ZIP)
  • The Multiple Choice test (PDF)

Note, the primer uses a number of methods that were only recently added to RhinoScript. Make sure you are running the latest service release of Rhino to ensure you have the latest version of RhinoScript.

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