#productplacement #advertising The process of the product placement

Industry: Film & Television, Advertising

Location: China

Related to: Products Placement

Reviewer: Mengdie YU – Parsons School of Design

Company: Herun Media

Website: https://www.huxiu.com/article/21971.html


As the early bird of product placement business in China, Herun Media mainly agent the implanted advertising in Tv series. It went into movie product placement with only two years. Currently, the implanted advertisement on Tv drama already has a complete pricing system, because before the Tv drama broadcast, the TV station usually will pay for the series, and it can be easily predicted the ratings data and submitted to the clients. However, the film is different, the film is directly to the consumers, before the release, it is difficult to predict the box office.  The general process of the product placements. In recent years, with the development of the Chinese movie industry, more and more brands have the demand for advertising in movies, Herun Media is trying to help brands finding the suitable movies.For the main process of the product placements, the fist step is usually begun with the script. The agency read the script carefully, and will list out all of the props which can be show up in the movie.

The second step is the audiences segmentation. For example the mainstream audiences are the first-line urban white-collars or the students in the high school? When the schedule and the cast of the movie are decided, the agency will give the brand a complete analysis report, and predict the box-office, the data is very important, because it will be directly related to pricing.

The third step is the most important one – confirm the scheme with the producer of the movie. Let director implant the advertising in the movie naturally is not easy.

The effect of implantation of advertising is difficult to be quantified and tested, no one can clearly analyst the relationship between the product placements and the movies. It is the reason why product placement development encountered bottlenecks.