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Industry: Film & Television, Advertising

Location: China

Related to: Products Placement

Reviewer: Mengdie YU – Parsons School of Design

Company: Century KP

Website: http://ent.163.com/16/0707/10/BRC8D5MG000300B1.html


Century KP is a company focusing on the business of product placement. It is a bridge between the brands and films and televisions.

The business of product placements develop quickly with the evolution of the film market. Although many film companies have their own department of brand cooperation, Century KP entered this market really early since 2005,and currently it is the best in this industry. The CEO of Century KP said that the amount of advertising handled by their last year is about 300 million.

After the success of the advertising business, Century KP decided to start their own business on film industry. At the beginning of the year they got a financing, and the company valued at about 700 million.They began the production of movies and TV series, and keep doing their current advertising business. The reason why Century want to expand their business to the film & television industry is they want to have more rights of speech and can effectively avoid more competitions.