Kellogg’s NYC’s Pop-Tarts Café

Industry: Retail / Restauration

Location: New York City

Related to: A pop-up café

Reviewer: Lalla Kenza Medrek – Parsons School of Design

Company: Pop-Tarts



Kellogg’s NYC Times Square restaurant recently transformed into a Pop-Tarts pop-up café. By putting a sweet twist on the essential American childhood breakfast, this pop-up offers Pop-Tarts lovers a completely new culinary experience.

At the Pop-Tarts Café, they believe that everything is better with sprinkles.

Pop-Tarts fanatics can choose from any original flavor and create special dishes such as Personal Pop-Tarts Pizzas, Birthday Fiesta Nachos or even Pop-Tarts Burritos. The aim is to transform the colorful pastries into typical classic New York dishes replicas.

The pop-up is a fun way for not only children to enjoy their favorite snack but also for adults to rekindle childhood memories and experience the pastries in a completely different way.

“Kellogg’s created a Pop-Tarts Café straight out of your childhood dreams, and it’s serving up the most unique versions of your favorite Pop-Tarts flavors.” – Popsugar.

The pop-up was open from Tuesday, February 28th through Sunday, March 12th at the Kellogg’s NYC on 1600 Broadway between 48th & 49th.

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