#SOFTWARE: PanelingTools December 2014 Release


From Robert McNeel & Associates:

The new release of PanelingTools for Rhino 5 and Grasshopper is now available for download from here:


New in this release:


PanelingTools for Rhino 5:

1) ptShuffleGrid – Added history support.

2) ptOffsetGridByHeightfield. The command was broken. This is now fixed.

3) ptUnrollFaces – Added the “LabelSide” option to help place labels outside or inside the panel

4) ptUnrollFaces – Added the “Explode” option to help unroll polysurfaces or joined faces as one continuous strip.

PanelingTools for Grasshopper:

5) Fixed a crash when input multiple mesh modules to ptMorph3DMean component. The component now works correctly with a list of input start and end modules.

6) Fixed a bounding bug in ptMorph3DMean component.

Training Resources:

– You can access the latest PanelingTools webinar posted in November 2014 from here:

– We had the first ever PanelingTools online training during the second week of December 2014. Keep an eye on the Rhino training page for future training.