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Category: E Commerce
Industry: Luxury
Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Related to: Fashion
Reviewer: Jaewon Kim –Parsons School of Fashion (Fashion Design)
Company: Vacheron Constantin
Website: http://www.vacheron-constantin.com/en2/home.html

About: Vacheron Constantin is selling limited edition of “36 Crones de Vache 1955 timepieces with New York-based watch news website Hodinkee.” Not only is this the first time the brand is venturing out into E- Commerce, but it is also the first time the brand is collaborating with Hodinkee. This move comes from a general decline in Swiss watch sales in its big markets as well as a means to increase brand exposure. The limited edition 36 Crones de Vache are made with steel cases to appeal to to the younger audience. This also serves as a way to make the very expensive watch brand a bit cheaper with this watch coming in at $50,000. It seems as if it is hard for  brand to ignore the increasing demands of E-Commerce and its young customers–the brand is also trying to catch up to Hermès as Hermès sells $25,000 timepieces online.