TOOLING: Meet Carvey – “the 3D Carving Machine for the Maker in All of Us”

Carvey, a desktop CNC mill, was fully funded on Kickstarter over the course of one night and will be soon headed to the tabletop of a maker near you !


From Kickstarter :

Carvey is a 3D carving machine that allows you to make quality objects out of a variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic. Using Carvey and our free design software, you can make your idea a reality in three easy steps. First, design your product using our software, next choose your material, then click carve. Carvey will cut your design, giving you the power of creation right from your tabletop. Carvey is the next step in 3D manufacturing.

This project is for the maker in all of us.  Let’s show the world we’re ready to change product development, to level the playing field and bring our ideas to life.  Together we hope to bring about a change in not just WHAT can be made but WHO can make it.  Be a part of the movement. Join us and make your mark.

Like any other CNC mill, Carvey allows designers and makers to create products with a computer-controlled cutter. In addition, designs can be uploaded onto and downloaded from a digital library, Easel, which also supports a variety of material settings in order to adjust milling properties according to the material one is carving from. This allows designs to be created and disseminated more accurately, in a variety of materials and, faster than with conventional 3D printing methods.


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Images from Kickstarter