Industry: Luxury Spa

Location: Malaysia

Related to: Chinese Traditional Specialist Treatments in Spa

Reviewer: Xinyue Huang- Parsons School of Design

Company: Spa Village Pangkor Laut

Website: spavillage.com


The Spa Village Pangkor Laut, located at Panykor Laut Island in Malaysia, is a very luxurious and unique retreat that has an exotic treatment culture that tightly related to different regions. Specialized to Chinese treatments, the essence of healing is to concentrate on curing the body as a harmonious whole.

Yin and Yang is regarded as the fundamental concept in Chinese Culture. It explains that all things have contradictory opposites, such as the relationship between female and male, dark and light, black and white, etc.  And the principle in the Chinese treatment is to maintain the body in a balance of Yin and Yang in order to achieve harmony. Yin is the dark side of the cool, peace, and still. Yang is the bright side of warm, energy, fire.

The Spa Village Pangkor Laut provides specific services due to these principles and internal body conditions to change and improve the organ systems through the treatments. The treatments include:

 Gu Fang Xun Shen (Ancient Body Smoking) – Tradtional technique to smoke the whole body with special focus on several points that provides the potent cleasing effect.

Jin Pao Shou Jiao (Herbal Hand and Foot Soak) – Keeping the limbs smooth and improving circulation, reducing pains and preventing arthritis.

Quan Shen Jin Yu ( Herbal Bath) – Warm herbal bath for balancing of Yin and Yang, and also support weight-loss programs.

Tui-Na An-Mo (Massage) – Massage focus on the acu-points and directional flow of the subtle Channel in the body.

Cupping, Moxabustion – Using heated bamboo and glass cup to create negative pressure and immediately applied to body. It can dissipate cold, and activate the body.

Tai Chi Quan – Therapeutic breathing way to improve the inner power and circular energy.

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