karamba: Grasshopper Structural Plug-in

karamba was developed within a cooperation between the Structural Design Institute at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna and Bollinger-Grohmann-Schneider ZTGmbH Vienna


karamba is integrated in Grasshopper3d and fully parametrizable.
karamba provides accurate analysis of spatial framework systems.
karamba comes with its own finite element analysis module.

If you are interested in the interface between architecture, design and structural engineering and if you would like to test karamba, the first tool that closes the gap between parametric design and structural assessment, feel free to download karamba 0.9.05 -> download

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In the near future we will launch our karamba gallery and tutorials-page.
We hope that you are willing to share some of the designs and ideas you produce using karamba.

Follow us at: karamba @ grasshopper3d – We will do our very best to answer questions.