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Industry:  Retail

Location:  Shanghai

Related to:  New forms of lounge room

Reviewer:  HUANG Xiaoyi – Parsons School of Design

Company: Vanke property

Website: http://www.vanke.com/en/

About:  At the end of 2016,Venke property opened a new shopping mall located in Minhang District, Shanghai. Inside the new shopping mall there are lounge rooms named ‘Husband Nursery’. These rooms are designed  specially for the husbands who are tired of shopping.

Inside the lounge, there are sofas, tables, free drinks and televisions. While those men staying in the lounge, their wives are shopping in the retail stores.

To enter the lounge, you need to slide a gold status membership card of the mall. This kind of lock-in strategy aims to offer convenience for loyalty customers. Nowadays inside the shopping malls, most customers are with their friends or families. Families are the main consumption group, they are more loyal to a certain mall and more likely to spend a lot for dinning, experience and purchasing. This kind of nursery is a good idea to comfort them.