GH: gHowl


gHowl is a set of components which extend Grasshopper’s ability to communicate and exchange information with other applications and physical devices.


gHowl_r46 for GH 0.7.0057 and 0.8.x (works best in 0.8)



UDP Components now have the ability to send and receive to a Multicast group.  To send or receive to a Multicast group, make sure you use the IP Range of –

OSC functionality is provided by the Bespoke OSC Library by Paul Varcholik.

Network Source – Tests the connection of your machine to a network.

UDP Send – Allows the sending of UDP messages over the network.  Also allows the sending of OSC messages to OSC enabled software and hardware devices. (Deleting this component in 0.7.0057 crashes GH / Rhino)

UDP Receive – Allows the sending and receiving of UDP messages.  Also allows the reception of OSC messages and bundles (from Reactivision for example).(Deleting this component in 0.7.0057 crashes GH / Rhino)

OSC Channel – This component allows the storage of a single OSC Channel.  Change the component’s nickname to store that address’ data.

OSC Dispatch – This component allows the storage of data from multiple OSC addresses.

The spreadsheet components leverage the Open Office Calc engine.  You must have Open Office Calc installed in order for these components to work.  These components read and write *.ods, *.xls, and *.xlsx files.  Supports numerical values and strings.

AppChecker – Checks to see whether Open Office Calc or Excel are installed on your computer.

Spreadsheet In – Retrieves spreadsheet data from a file stored on your computer. (Deleting this component after referencing a file in 0.7.0057 crashes GH / Rhino)

Spreadsheet Out – Allows you to write a spreadsheet file. (Deleting this component after writing a file in 0.7.0057 crashes GH / Rhino)

These components retrieve xml data from local and web sources (such as RSS feeds).

Pachube – Retrieves data from a Pachube feed.  Must have a valid Pachube API. (Deleting this component after making a connection in 0.7.0057 crashes GH / Rhino)

XML Parser – This component parses an XML file stored on your computer or on the web.