#TOY / #PLAY: Geemo

Shared by: Siri Surab

Geemo was invented while Cas Holman was pursuing her MFA at Cranbrook, and launched at the NY MoMA Design Store in 2007.

It has since won numerous awards and shown in design and toy fairs in Moscow, Tokyo,Seoul, New York, Hamburg and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Sold in Geemanisms of 5, Geemo’s flexible magnetic limbs grab and repel each other in unpredictable ways. As Geemo comes to life in your hands, you can build, discover, create, and imagine with this new species of toy. Cas worked with factories in the US, China and ultimately Japan to bring Geemo to the market.

Currently manufactured in a small factory in Tokyo, Geemo. Utility patent awarded 2010.





SOURCE : http://casholman.com/PROJECTS/GEEMO