softLAB Installation at NODE10

For our latest installation at NODE10 we went a little against the grain. We used grasshopper to produce an excel spreadsheet and then fed that into MAYA to adjust a parametric drawing produced in MAYA. We have talked about doing something like this for previous projects and it was exciting to actually develop the workflow this time. We find it easier to design and produce a working unit with moving parts in MAYA. Rather than righting code to individually produce each unit we were able to take advantage of some of s animation tools to produce a set of curves that adjust in real time. We have included all of the source files below if you want to take a look. If you want to test drive the MEL script download the Excel file, Maya file, and MEL script. Open the file: unit.mb and run importPoints.mel. After running the script a dialog box will appear to load an excel file, load the download.

Download Rhino Geometry: srfs_half_narcissus.3dm

Download GH definition: narcissus2010.ghx

Download sample Excel file: FinalPanelPoints_c.csv

Download Unit: unit.mb

Download MEL script for importing Excel file: importPoints.mel