#Foot Scanning #Shoes – Volumental

Category: Scanning / Tech / Fashion / Retail
Industry: Fashion / Tech / Business
Location: Sweden
Related to:  Fashion / Tech / Innovation / Retail
Reviewer: Harrison Hecht – Parsons School of Design Strategies.
Company: Volumental
Website: https://www.volumental.com/foot-scanning/
About: Volumental finds a solution to finding the perfect fitting shoe by providing foot scanning, which they claim is retail friendly.  The efficient and precise digitized scanning process enhances the shopping experience while the process also picks up on valuable data that has potential to benefit retail, merchandising, product placement, marketing, and advertising.

The Process starts as the costumer steps on the scanner like the photo below.


The tablet in the photo below captures the measurements while displaying 3D models.



Volumental Cloud is an additional service that stores useful data and information through a dashboard; this allows for customers to re-access previous scans and preferred sizes. They believe this will lower the threshold to purchase and decrease returns. Their dash board provide retailers with more information on who their customers are and what they want and need.