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Category: E-Commerce Transportation

Industry: Retail
Location: USA (Hebron, Kentucky)
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Reviewer: Jaewon Kim– Parsons School of Design (Fashion Design)
Company: Amazon
Website: https://www.amazon.com/
Article Link: https://www.businessoffashion.com/articles/news-analysis/amazon-plans-1-5-billion-air-hub-near-cincinnati-for-fleet

Amazon is investing 1.49 billion dollars into building a new “air hub” for inventory planes that will allow for faster deliveries and accommodate for the growing number of orders Amazon is receiving. The facility will be build at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, a state in which Amazon already has 11 warehouses in which storage, packaging, and shipping all take place. This development is only a part of Amazon’s plans to expand its Prime program. Amazon signed onto deals last year that would allow them to lease as many as 40 cargo planes.

I think Amazon’s continuous expansion is a symbol of change in the retail industry. More and more Americans are choosing to order things via Amazon or other E-Commerce retailers because of the hassle free and speedy delivery process. With Prime in full swing, Amazon customers no longer have to wait weeks for a delivery making it an extremely attractive option. This expansion definitely shows that this is the type of retail Americans are increasingly leaning towards. A positive effect of this investment is that Amazon will be taking on 2,000 new workers, which falls into the CEO Jeff Bezos’s plan to hire 100,000 new people over the next 18 months.