BOOK: Digital Design – A Critical Introduction, By: Dean Bruton, Anthony Radford

Digital Design
A Critical Introduction
Dean Bruton, Anthony Radford


Digital media are revolutionising design, both as a tool in design practice and as a way of thinking about design products, processes and systems.

Digital Design outlines the rules and patterns that underlie digital media and clearly explains how they improve design outcomes. But Digital Design is about breaking and bending the rules as well as following them. The book reveals how a combination of systematic thinking (understanding and using rules and patterns) and intuitive thinking (adapting and inventing for specific situations) can enhance the work of a digital designer.

Written for both experienced and novice designers, Digital Design is superbly illustrated with over 200 black and white and colour images. With its unique combination of analysis and how-to, the book is inspiring for students of visual effects, animation, game, website and architectural design, and product and graphic design in a broader sense.

About the editors

Dean Bruton is an artist and academic who has taught digital art and design at several universities in Australia. He is author of Recollections: The Contemporary Art Society of South Australia 1943-86.

Antony Radford has taught and researched digital, architectural and urban design at several Australian universities. He is co-author of CADD Made Easy, Knowledge-Based Design Systems, Understanding Sustainable Architecture, and Design by Optimization in Architecture, Building and Construction.


1. Rules and Digital Design
2. Bending Rules
3. Making Digital Artefacts
4. Developing Digital Creativity
5. Analysis: Product Design and Art
6. Analysis: Architecture, Film and Games
7. Serious Play
8. Studio Journals
9. Critical Ideas

Source: Berg Publishers