GH: Painting to Code (vice-versa)

Parametric modeling via Grasshopper is a remarkably open field of inquiry. Developer David Rutten is a regular presence on the Grasshopper3d discussion boards, user-written plug-ins connect the algorithm editor to real-time data and prepare geometries for CNC fabrication, and user-written tutorials contain generous advice for newbies. Connecting parametric modeling to the practice of painting promises to open up the field even further, by linking computation to a rich body of thinking about space, representation, and material.

The Daphne Component, a collaborative computational system for the parametric study of painting, unfolds in two stages. First, the image passes through a series of Grasshopper user objects, producing a three-dimensional analysis of the use of color in the image. The user then sends me the baked Rhino file, which I use to make a brand-new series of paintings. And if you leave me your name and address, I’ll mail you a painting or drawing of our own creation.

Where can I download the Daphne Component?
Click! The zipped folder includes two clustered components (saved as user objects) and one sample definition.

Where do I install the user objects?
Drag the .ghuser files into the folder C://Users/username/AppData/Roaming/Grasshopper/UserObjects.

How do I send you my file?
Send your files to!

What kinds of files can I send you?
I can accept .3dm, .ai (CS 5, people), .tiff, or .jpg files. If the Rhino file isn’t too large, you can send the whole thing to me. Otherwise, zoom around your analytic model, pick a point-of-view that interests you, and Make2D. If you’d like to stump me, just send me a screenshot of what you’ve made, but keep in mind that careful layer management is a blessing…

I sent you a file ages ago; where’s my damn painting?
If it takes me more than six weeks to get back to you, it’s probably just a sign that I’ve found myself a job.

Why did you name this after yourself?

Because I make the paintings! If you use the component to make your own paintings (and please do!), then go ahead and rename the process anything you’d like!

Source: The Daphne Component

Submitted by Daphne Lasky