#ClosePlan #OpenPlan – How Technology is Changing Residential Layouts

Written by: Dezeen
Shared by: Christopher Al-Jumah

In Dezeen’s interview of various architects in the UK, it is discovered that there is a growing trend in residential planning for families to move away from open-plan homes towards closed-plan homes. UK Architects claim the reason why is centered around smart-phone and smart-tablet advances.

“It is an extraordinary revolution that has taken place in the last five years,” said London-based architect Deborah Saunt of DSDHA. “People now want a kind of residence that can change to suit the needs of a family. It’s a kind of inherent adaptability over time.”

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Source: http://www.dezeen.com/2015/11/12/end-for-open-plan-living-broken-plan-privacy-houses-uk-architects-mary-duggan-deborah-saunt/