Liam Starr
Category: Health/Politics/Women/Fashion

Industry: Fashion/Medical

Location: Global/United States

Related to: Women/Health and Body

Reviewer: Liam Starr, School of Design Strategies, Integrated Design

Company: Ana Ono Intimates

Website: buzzfeed.com

Ana Ono Intimates has recently debuted at NYFW with a collection that may surprise most with its message; it is a lingerie collection made specifically for women with breast cancer or who are in recovery. The models chosen each had dealt with this health crisis and have come out different people either mentally or physically. Many of the models that walked the runway were topless themselves, showing off their breasts or lack thereof. Many had had a mastectomy, in which both breasts are surgically removed as part of cancer treatment.

The models also greatly ranged in diversity: from ranges in size, race, ethnicity, age, and gender identity. This is something we do not often see on the runway, especially during NYFW.

The designer behind the collection, Dana Donorfree said this about her experience with breast cancer and her reasoning behind creating this lingerie. “I cried a lot in lingerie dressing rooms after cancer. Every time I was handed an armful of matronly, beige utilitarian bras and left in tears, I promised myself I would never let it happen to another woman again” (buzzfeed.com)