#Body #Architecture: Should we redesign humans?

Category: Body Architecture

Industry: Bioengineering

Location: United Kingdom

Related to: Fashion, Performance Art

Reviewer: Emily Song – Parsons School of Design Strategies

Artist: Lucy McRae

Website: http://www.lucymcrae.net/

About: Lucy McRae is an artist specializing in body architecture. Her career ranges from working with Philips Design in the Probes Programme to performing in her video project featuring her Swallowable Parfum.  In the age of rapid development in the bioengineering field, McRae reimagines what bodily matter means. She thinks futuristically and envisions the possible changes biotechnological development can bring to our development as a species.

In her TED talk, she briefly speaks about her several projects ranging from highly technical to more humble projects done in her personal studio with her roommate. All of McRae’s projects push the boundaries of what it means to be human, in all senses. She alters the skin; she changes perspiration; she manipulates light and space in relation to the human being.


Perhaps the human body could be redesigned. As technology continue to develop, it may begin to offer new ways to alter ourselves. Our development as a species may continue by the force of technology and all things digital as opposed to purely biological and sociological influences. Lucy McRae takes these ideas and reimagines them into works of art.