Algorithmic Modelling Manual

Algorithmic Modelling Manual: Click Here to Download PDF Manual

Mohamad Khabazi, architecture student in London, at the Architectural Association (AA), has published an on-line book of his design experiments in architecture called ‘Algorithmic Modelling with Grasshopper’.


If we look at architecture as an object represented in the space, we always deal with geometry and a bit of math to understand and design this object. In the History of architecture, different architectural styles have presented multiple types of geometry and logic of articulation and each period have found a way to deal with its geometrical problems and questions. Since computers started to help architects, simulate the space and geometrical articulations, it became an integral tool in the design process. Computational Geometry became an interesting subject to study and combination of programming algorithms with geometry yielded algorithmic geometries known as Generative Algorithm. Although 3D softwares helped to simulate almost any space visualized, it is the Generative Algorithm notion that brings the current possibilities of design, like ‘parametric design’ in the realm of architecture.