Aesop’s new store in Washington DC #AESOP #Physicalstore #Retail #Design

Industry: Beauty retail

Designer: Tacklebox

Location: Washington DC, USA

Related to: Australian skin care brand Aesop

Reviewer: Yujia HUO- Parsons School of Design



Australian skin care brand Aesop just opened its second physical store in Washington DC this month. It has moved into an 84-square-metre retail space in the historic waterfront area of Georgetown.

Aesop was established in Melbourne in 1987. As a natural skin, hair and body care brand, it is famous for investigating to source plant-based and laboratory-made ingredients authentically. During 30 years, the brand has experienced a rapid expansion and exceeded all the company’s initial expectations. This outstanding development gives the credit to brand retail strategy. As Aesop’s brand grows and evolves, it tries to reflect that in the retail design. Among all the concept stores and department stores of Aerop in 43 countries, no two Aesop stores are the same. Instead of having a pre-determined concept before building a store, Aesop tends to work with the context of a shop’s surroundings. As the designer said, “When we boil it down to specific components, it was materials, architects, features, and aesthetics based on the location.” However, under the varied appearance of different stores, all of the designs share a core concept, which is the idea inspired from the clutter of everyday live. “The shops offer a moment of sanctuary and calm—you can appreciate the sense that good design offers.” Said by Meredith, Aesop creative director.

As for this second store in Georgetown, Aesop invited New York based studio Tacklebox to implement the interior. The design team took 30,000 southern pine sticks, which were used to dry leaves at Georgetown’s tobacco barns, to cover store’s wall. “The design is defined by local heritage, pairing a distinctive visual language with evocative materiality to weave the store into the fabric of the neighbourhood,” said Tacklebox. Without doubt, the innovative idea of this store will appeal a great amount of customers and bring more profits to the brand.