#Ableism #Crutches #Industrial Design #Resin

Category: Industrial Design/Design Thinking/Crutch Innovation

Industry: Medical Equipment and Supplies

Location: Global

Related to: Open Access/Product Design

Reviewer: Caseena, Karim— Parsons Integrated Design

Company: M+D

Website: https://mobilitydesigned.com/#

About: M+D crutches are designed for people who use permanent crutches but also work for a sprained ankle. They are designed to have interchangeable bottoms so that a person can walk in different environments. Instead of resting the crutches under your arms (A design from WW2 that hasn’t changed much) you can rest your arms and move them around to take a selfie, pick items up, and generally maneuver yourself better by detaching different parts of the crutches. They are made from resin and 3D printed material to provide more flexibility and durability than standard wooden or metal crutches. You can order one or both, and change colors. I think this product is a great way to re-think design for people who would otherwise be stuck with an outdated design of crutches.