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Category: 3D Printing / Design / Fashion
Industry: Fashion / Tech
Location: Denmark / Japan
Related to:  Fashion / Tech / Innovation
Reviewer: Harrison Hecht – Parsons School of Design Strategies.
Website: http://monoqool.com/3d-printed-glasses/
About: MONOQOOL is a Danish eye ware company emphasizing on the bridge between fashion and technology; they are the makers of the thinnest 3D printed glasses in the world and offer a large variety of styles, all sleek, classic, and Danish in design. The glasses are considerably some of the most striking and stylish 3D printed wearables on the market. The process is similar to most 3D Printing. The glasses are modeled digitally then sent to a 3D printer where the printing process takes 24 hours. Lasers are used to bring the thickness down to .1 mm, hence the thinnest glasses. The deliverable is a box containing 2o0 glasses, which is broken down to powder to lead to the coloring stage using rocks. After coloring, assembling takes place; however, the glasses do not have screws and instead contain sockets that snap to the temples of the frames.


Diagram and Video are below:














Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VXz6v54K8E


While there are unanswered questions to what program and type of printer MONOQOOL uses, they provide contact information and are eager to discuss their innovative brand.

Contact info:

Phone + 45 60 222 071