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Category: 3D Printing/Manufacturing/Architecture/Construction/Sustainability

Industry: Construction

Location: Global

Related to: Architecture/3D printing

Reviewer: Caseena, Karim— Parsons Integrated Design

Company: Apis Cor

Website: www.apis-cor.com

About: Apis For has a goal to provide living spaces for people around the globe. They want to change societal views that construction can’t be fast, eco-friendly, and sustainable, The Apis Cor 3D Construction Printer is the “first mobile Apis Cor 3D Construction Printer is the first mobile circular construction 3D printer capable of fully printing a house in any place within 24 hours. While small in its dimensions the printer is constructing buildings more than 100 square meters in area. Technology features high efficiency, low energy consumption and no construction waste.” I think this is an amazing invention, and their mantra of having construction be as accessible as smart phone apps is pretty cool. I think there is a lot of luxury capacity for this, as well as using this for better needs for people who are homeless.