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Kinect for Windows features

Kinect for Windows v2 brings you the latest in human computing technologies, enabling the development of applications that allow people to interact naturally with computers by simply gesturing and speaking.

Features: infrared, depth and colorized depth

The Kinect for Windows v2 sensor is a physical device with depth sensing technology, a built-in color camera, an infrared (IR) emitter, and a microphone array, enabling it to sense the location and movements of people as well as their voices. And with up to 3x higher depth fidelity, the v2 sensor provides significant improvements in visualizing small objects—and all objects—more clearly.

The Kinect for Window software development kit (SDK) 2.0 provides developers with drivers, tools, APIs, device interfaces, and code samples to facilitate the development of Kinect-enabled applications for commercial deployment. With more stable body tracking in the latest SDK, you can track as many as six people and 25 joints per person.

Together, the sensor and SDK provide developers with the foundation to create and deploy interactive applications that respond to people’s movements, gestures, and voice commands, resulting in natural computer interactions.

Individuals and businesses worldwide are using the sensor to run natural human computing applications in a range of settings.

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Kinect for Windows v2

The Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and the SDK 2.0 take natural user interactions with computers to the next level, offering greater overall precision, responsiveness, and intuitive capabilities to accelerate the development of applications that respond to movement, gesture, and voice. The v2 sensor’s color camera is enhanced with full 1080p video that can be displayed in the same resolution as the viewing screen. In addition to now tracking as many as six people and 25 body joints per person, the tracked positions are more anatomically correct and stable—and the range of tracking is broader. The higher depth fidelity makes it significantly easier to see smaller objects, to see all objects more clearly, and to view objects in three dimensions (3D). The image below illustrates these significant depth fidelity improvements by comparing the original sensor (left frame) with the v2 sensor (right frame).

Dramatic improvement in depth sensing between v1 and v2 capabilities

With the Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0, you can build desktop applications for Windows 8 as well as sell your Kinect v2 applications directly in the Windows Store, allowing you to reach more potential customers than ever, from businesses to consumers to other developers.

Key SDK 2.0 features and benefits



Potential Applications

Improved body, hand and joint orientation With the ability to track as many as six people and 25 skeletal joints per person—including new joints for hand tips, thumbs, and shoulder center—and improved understanding of the soft connective tissue and body positioning, you get more anatomically correct positions for crisp interactions, more accurate avateering, and avatars that are more lifelike. New and better scenarios in fitness, wellness, education and training, entertainment, gaming, movies, and communications
Windows Store support You can now create Windows Store apps by using tools you already know, and offer them to a broad consumer audience. You can list and sell your Kinect v2 applications in the Windows Store.
Unity Pro support For more than just gaming, Unity Pro offers cross-platform rapid prototyping. Build and publish apps by using tools that you already know across multiple platforms.
Powerful tooling Kinect Studio provides enhanced recording and playback, and Visual Gesture Builder lets developers build their own custom gestures that the system recognizes and uses to write code by using machine learning, increasing productivity and cost efficiency. Develop on the go without the need to bring the Kinect sensor with you. Create custom gestures that decrease the time to prototype and test solutions.
Advanced facial tracking Resolution is 20 times greater, enabling the application to create a mesh of more than 1,000 points for a more accurate representation of a person’s face. Build avatars that appear more lifelike.
Simultaneous multi-app support Improved multi-app support enables multiple applications to access a single sensor simultaneously. For example, by allowing a retail app and a business intelligence app to access the same sensor, you can get business intelligence in real time in your retail space.

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Key v2 sensor features and benefits



Potential applications

Improved body tracking The enhanced fidelity of the depth camera, combined with improvements in the software, have led to a number of body tracking developments. The v2 sensor tracks as many as six complete skeletons (compared to two with the original sensor), and 25 joints per person (compared to 20 with the original sensor). The tracked positions are more anatomically correct and stable and the range of tracking is broader. In interactive scenarios, your avatars will be more stable—with more accurate body position evaluation and crisper interactions—and you have the potential for bystanders to participate.
Depth sensing
512 x 424
30 Hz
FOV: 70 x 60
One mode: .5–4.5 meters
With higher depth fidelity and a significantly improved noise floor, the v2 sensor gives you improved 3D visualization, improved ability to see smaller objects and all objects more clearly, and improves the stability of body tracking. Fitness, wellness, and entertainment scenarios can take advantage of the improved 3D visualization.
1080p color camera
30 Hz (15 Hz in low light)
The color camera captures full, beautiful 1080p video that can be displayed in the same resolution as the viewing screen, allowing for a broad range of powerful scenarios. In addition to improving video communications and video analytics applications, this provides a stable input on which to build high quality, interactive applications. Build high-quality, augmented reality scenarios that could be used with digital signage for retail, museums, lobbies, and public spaces.
New active infrared (IR) capabilities
512 x 424
30 Hz
In addition to allowing the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor to see in the dark, the new infrared (IR) capabilities produce a lighting-independent view—and you can now use IR and color at the same time. The new IR capabilities enable new machine learning applications, such as face recognition in varying light conditions.
Wider/expanded field of view The expanded field of view enables a larger area of a scene to be captured by the camera. As a result, users can be closer to the camera and still in view, and the camera is effective over a larger total area. In a retail scenario, for example, the sensor could be placed on a wall and track more people within a larger area for more versatile and effective interactions.

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Sensor support and software updates

The Kinect for Windows v2 sensor includes a one-year limited warranty, support, and access to software updates for both speech and body/facial tracking.

Sensor technical support