When medical science met fine watchmaking

Industry: Watch

Location: Globally

Related to: Innovation

Reviewer: Tiphaine Foissac – Parsons School of Design

Company: HYT

Website: http://www.hytwatches.com


The brand:

HYT is a Swiss independent watch brand launched in 2012.

This brand is well known for the non-conformist of their products. They are mixing mechanics and liquid in their collections. This concept has become their signature. The time is not given thanks to needles but, due to a special liquid.


The principle:

Each watch has two malleable reservoirs with a capillary attached at each end. On the left, in the first one, we can find a colored aqueous liquid. In the other on the right, we see a viscous transparent liquid. Both liquids keep apart thanks to the repulsive force of the molecules.

A small reservoir compressed by a piston released a bit of liquid every hour, this aqueous liquid indicates the hour.


The new watch:

Today, the company has comes back with a new model: the Skull Maori. This watch is limited to 15 pieces only. As it is highly exclusive, the price is not communicated.

The skull Maori watch has a round dial surrounded by figures from 1 to 12. The number 6 is accentuated with a big black block. Inside the dial there is a big skull graved with Maori symbols. A small tube full of red liquid is surrounding the skull. The wristlet is in brown leather with the same Maori symbols as there are in the skull of the dial.