VIDEO: DIY 3D Printer – Test Print (Dodecahedron)

DIY 3D Printer – Test Print (Dodecahedron) from (C)ODE-(C)OLLECTIVE on Vimeo.

Digital Media & Design Program | Gerald D Hines College of Architecture:
Led by Prof. Wendy W Fok | Assistant Professor

The Digital Media & Design Program (DMDP), at the Gerald D Hines College of Architecture, University of Houston, functions as a program which utilizes new media and technology as a departure point to formulate and develop the function of architectural and computational design by way of emergent design systems.

In an era of increasing globalization, digitization, and collaboration, the function of digital and computational design has evolved into significant aspects, dynamic approaches, and vital innovations for community engagement, urban planning, architectural design, media practices, and public dialogue.

The DMDP embraces the research and development of innovation through a cross-hybridization of both digital and analogue tooling, techniques, and systems. Research is placed on the forefront through faculty and student projects, as well as community-engaged projects within the United States and the international design arena.

Responding to the increasingly important and sophisticated role of digital technology as a catalyst for integrating innovative societal, cultural, and economic change, the role of the program is two-fold, and is directed to provide a basis of both digital and analogue tooling for students, at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

Our courses range from a dynamic cluster of applied research based courses that involve design-build, digital fabrication, new media art installations, digital urbanism, transport and digital way-finding applications, and interdisciplinary (inter-departmental) partnerships. In addition to graduating with a Professional Architecture degree, Graduate students at the College have an opportunity to obtain a Certification of “digital systems and fabrication”, which is a deeply involved and focused research certification honored through completing several courses within the cluster of DMDP approved courses.

Unique to the Gerald D Hines College of Architecture program, the DMDP develops a core foundation of knowledge and projects in collaboration with the industry, and entrepreneurial operations and courses that are geared towards project incentives that equip the students to reach out into the larger regional, national, and even international community for project collaborations that are significant to the contemporary needs and future of the technologically adaptive architectural and design field.

Updated: 20 March 2013 | Prof Wendy W Fok