#Urban #Sustainable #Design: Anemone

Category: 3D Modelling

Industry: Urban Sustainable Design

Location: Global

Related to: Urban Planning

Reviewer: Pranati Kotriwala – Parsons School of Design (School of Constructive Environment)

Company: Matsys Design

Website: http://matsysdesign.com/2014/11/26/public-anemone/

About: Anemone is a urban street furniture providing provisional, ambiguous and playful interaction with diverse populations of market street. Structure invites cultural and physical interpretation by all people.

Day: music and dance performances

Night: glows and pulsate creating an urban campfire around which people can meet up before heading out into the city.

The mobility, modularity and playfulness of the object allows for more user interaction with the object. 3D printing is an integral part of future urban planning which can be done by creating a 3D printed model of the city.