ROBOTICS: Eighth-grader Quin uses his passion for electronics to teach fellow students about 3D printing, arduinos, and other hands-on lessons in STEM skills

ROBOPuppet : Low-Cost, 3D Printed Miniatures for Controlling Full-Size Robots

ROBOTICS: MorpHex at Maker Faire Trondheim 2014

MendelMax 2.0 – Review

MoCA – Mechanical Garden Installation

Generative Design and Parametric Structures with Thornton Tomasetti

TED Talk: Kevin Slavin

Roland Snooks – Encoding Algorithmic Matter

Kinect Hacks : PsycoSpace

Kinect Hacks : Time Travellers

Circle Packing Script in Action

Future of Construction Process: 3D Concrete Printing

Neil Gershenfeld on Fab Labs – MIT

Mantis Fractal Tree

Hexapod Robot CNC Router – Cutting 3D Face

Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization

Grasshopper : Surface Subdivision

Grasshopper to MAYA by softLAB


Custom Patterns with Paneling Tools

3D variable lists with Paneling Tools for Rhino

Experimenting Rhino Panelling Tools

Firefly for Grasshopper / Arduino

Delaunay Experiment using Weaverbird to smooth: Irregular Surface + Delauney + Attractors + Weaverbird

RhinoNest within Grasshopper

Kinetic Pavilion

Modeling 3D Textures in Rhino

Build a Bike Frame using T-Splines for Rhino

TOOLS: Rhino Panelling Tools Basics