3D PRINT / DESIGN: 3D Printed ‘Dangerous Popsicles’ Let You Chill Out This Halloween Season

TOOLING: Digital to Physical Designs with Autodesk


3D PRINTING: Octave Filament works with Solidoodle 3D printer

MAT-FAB: INSTALLATION: Biostagog – Platige Image 3d printed interactive sculpture

MAT-FAB: MATERIAL: Laywoo-D3 Inventor introduces Laybrick

3D PRINTING / ROBOTICS: mataerial anti-gravity 3D printer by petr novikov + saša jokić + joris laarman

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3D PRINTING: Holiday Cookies 3D Printed

3D PRINTING: Branches Out With New Wood-Based Filament

NEWS: Nathan Myhrvold’s Cunning Plan to Prevent 3-D Printer Piracy

ROBOTICS: Rise Of The Sex Machines

DESIGN: Hacking My Vagina

ROBOTICS: The BeBionic3 Prosthetic Hand

3D PRINTING: 3D-Printed ‘Vegan’ Bacon Mobius Strip

INTERVIEW: 3D Printing – Shapeways

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3D Printer: Solidoodle

Research: Quasicrystals and Girih Tiles

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WEB: Top 10 Best Flash Websites 2012

FAB-LAB: Gerald D Hines – Fabrication Lab Equipment List

PEOPLE: Robert Noyce (84th Anniversary – 12 December, 2011)

EXHIBITION: UHGBC Exhibition – Parametric Systems – Theory + Practice Prototypes

CASTING: Texcast, Inc.

PROTOTYPING: Trek Bicycles Chooses Objet for Rapid Prototyping and Fast Functional Testing

R&D: 3D Printed Bra

CONFERENCE: Materials beyond Materials: Composite Tectonics-A Conference on Advanced Materials and Digital Manufacturing…