TOOLING: Meet Carvey – “the 3D Carving Machine for the Maker in All of Us”















Harrison Hecht
Category: CNC / Making / Tooling
Industry: Making / Tools / Innovation / Tech
Location: Melbourne, Australia / Singapore
Related to: Making / Tooling / CNC
Reviewer: Harrison Hecht
Company: Kickstarter / Created by Inventables


Carvey is a 3D carving machine similar to a CNC mill, laser cutter and 3D printer. The machine permits user to create objects utilizing a variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic. Carvey and Kickstarter’s free design software brings to life the idea of users in three steps.

1. Design a product(s) using the given software.

2. Select a compatible material, then click carve.

3. That will command Carvey to cut/carve the design.

Carvey is intended for makers; however, it is arguably a major step forward in 3D technology. Being user friendly is also a bonus.