TOOL: Weaverbird Experiments by Giulio Piacentino

Weaverbird Topological Mesh Editor Weaverbird

grasshopper-naming-intro Tools for baking objects with name, color; making sections, etc. Grasshopper tools

Stockinette in Grasshopper
A tutorial on how to produce knit surfaces in Grasshopper. Knitting patterns

Motion in RhinoScript
Animation made completly in RhinoScript can be easier now. Building motion

In the last couple of days I have been messing around with the physical library for games called Jbullet and the cool rendering engine P5Sunflow. Boxes are now an easy thing to play with in Processing. (But you can try more shapes, too!)
A real physics simulation in Processing with JBullet. Librarian nightmare & dream

Finally, with the release of Processing 1.0, it is possible to run online the Interactive and Landscape Tool as an applet. For this occasion, I thought it would be nice to also open the source code. Explore the Interactive and Landscape Tool

A wall is usually constructed as an entity that separates an interior from an exterior, leaving the exchange of air and light to the parts called windows...
Envelops should react to their users. And not the opposite. Component wall

I am just back to Delft after having visited Barcelona to participate as a Rhino educator to McNeel's Rhinoscript workshop...
The forms of code produced in Barcelona with RhinoScript. DNA double helix

Bézienne is a small webpage - born as a game - that allows you to play with a canvas. On it, you can sketch a vector drawing and, as a result, see the living processing code that forms these shapes. You can also go in the other direction: changing the code and seeing the results...
Online application to draw Bezier splines (vector graphics) and their code. Bézienne

Our last effort, at teamoptionexplicit, is to generate surfaces/components from a mesh. If you use the script we provide, you can just select a triangular mesh and you'll obtain a lot of petals. Rendered with sky
Generate surfaces and components from the geometry of a mesh. Sakura, flowers

A tree made by division and multiplication, on a lake
Construct a tree of surfaces made by divisions and multiplications. The tree

Morphogenetic objects. Each generation translates, scales and doubles itself...
Simple morphogenesis: each generation translates, scales and rotate. The crown