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Category: Design / Fashion / Retail
Industry: Business / Fashion
Location: Mexico / Global
Related to: Business / Marketing / Branding
Reviewer: Mariel de la L. – Parsons School of Fashion.
Company: Pineda Covalín.
Website: http://pinedacovalin.us/
About: Pineda Covalín is a Mexican brand that seeks to promote Latin American culture through textile design. The company was formed by Ricardo Covalín (BFA in Industrial Design) and Cristina Pineda (BFA in Fabric Design and MFA in Arts Design). Founded in 1995, the brand has been going strong for more than 20 years, up to the point where they have started to open stores in Europe and Asia. To come up with their products, the designers collaborate with local artisans to create the designs that will be then printed on silk. The key to their success is the mix between Mexican craftsmanship and higher quality materials (silk).