RESEARCH: AutoDesk Project Gaudi for Rhino

GH: Computational geometry – Rhinoscript and grasshopper

TOOL: GH-PlugIn to Visualize Vectorfields

VIDEO: Grasshopper GH Folded Plate Structure

TUTORIAL: Quick Tutorial RhinoCAM – Roland MDX-40

BIM/TOOL: Scan&Solve – In Situ Analysis for Rhino

BIM Tooling: Tekla / Geometry Gym

3D PRINTING: 3D Printing Meets Stone Age Tools!

WORKSHOP: RhinoFabLab – Gerald D Hines CoA – University of Houston

iRhino 3D – View native Rhino 3DM files on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch On the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch

GECO – Form Fit Grid

GECO – DaylightStudies – MeasuringGrid – 3dGridFraction

GECO – DaylightStudies – MeasuringPoints

GECO – Shadow Studies w/ Example Files

Rhino Scripting – Pickover Attractors

Mantis Fractal Tree

Grasshopper : Surface Subdivision

Kangaroo: Mesh relaxed in Kangaroo with the topology of Riemann’s minimal surface

A Spring Mesh with a Stiffer Edge Cable


NEWS: Featured on suckerPUNCH » (C)ODE-(C)OLLECTIVE

Custom Patterns with Paneling Tools

PanelingTools Plug-In for Rhino4

3D variable lists with Paneling Tools for Rhino

Experimenting Rhino Panelling Tools

TOOL: Pepakura

TOOL: Orient Surface to Camera GH Definition

TOOL: Solid Waffle for Lasercut

Delaunay Experiment using Weaverbird to smooth: Irregular Surface + Delauney + Attractors + Weaverbird

Definition : Panels Dispatch

TOOLS: LaN Live Architecture Network Code-Source

DEFINITION : Planar Hexagon Panels for GH

DEFINITION : Panel Unroll for GH

DEFINITION : Shelling for GH


NEWS: (C)ODE-(C)OLLECTIVE featured on Rhino3D Blog

Tapeworm: a script for creating developable surfaces

GH: honeycomb structure definition

RhinoNest within Grasshopper

Grasshopper Contour Tool by scrawford

WeaverBird – mesh topologies in Grasshopper

Kinetic Pavilion

TOOLS: the white ball – Rhino Script Library

DEFINITION : Ribs on Surface for GH

DEFINITION : Hexagrid on Surface for GH

DEFINITION : Letters for Laser Cutting for GH

Modeling 3D Textures in Rhino

Populate Object (Surface) through Tiling – with Controlled Thickness

Tower Twist Scale – Controlled

BOOK: Rhino Distributed Intelligence in Design

Geometry Tile onto Surface

DEFINITION : Simple Solar Responsive Panel for GH

DEFINITION : Surface Population for GH

DEFINITION : Image Fabrication System

DEFINITION : Transformable Batwing for GH

DEFINITION : Custom Object Component

Flat Surface into Undulating Surface – Rhino Script

DEFINITION : Tiling Circles

Algorithmic Modelling Manual

Fractal “L” System : Self-Tiling System

TOOL : Digital Toolbox

Rules Surfaces : D-Form Explorer in Grasshopper

Real Reactive Components in Grasshopper

DEFINITION : Data Tree Manipulation for GH

DEFINITION : Spacefrom from Two Surfaces for GH

TOOLS: Rhino Panelling Tools Basics

DEFINITION : Surface to Weave Script for GH

GRASSHOPPER: Knitting patterns on a surface in Grasshopper