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Industry: AlphaSphere DELUXE

Designer: Austrian Artist- Sha

Location: Madinat Jumeirah Resort in Dubai

Related to: Wellness and spa innovations 2016- hotel & spa interior

Reviewer: Xinyue Huang- Parsons School of Design

Website: wellness-innovation.eu

About:Spa Interior

A space experience for mental relaxation and strengthening. In a similar way to fitness training for the body, the human being experiences a holistic training for the senses – a new system for deep relaxation and activation of the self-healing powers. Here, the latest insights from energy medicine combine with achievements from perception research. For people who want to strengthen their inner balance and sharpen their perception – and appreciate a sensual pleasure.

This is a space. Everything connected to the spatial experience is new: the elliptic curtain made from moray fabric, the program’s colors, which were inspired by chromo therapy, and the scent. I collaborated with Yogesh Kumar, an Indian scent expert to create unique smells, so now we have four different aromas for the four different programs. This allows our clients to offer their guests many options which can also be combined with other treatments such as acupuncture, or massage. 


With four different programs available, ranging from Basic Blue, Sensitive Violet, Intense Red, Energy Orange, there’s a host of benefits associated with the use of the AlphaSphere Deluxe.

Reduces Stress

  • Harmonizes breathing and loosens tight muscles
  • Lowers heart rate and high blood pressure
  • Reduces levels of stress hormones


  • Creates a rewarding sensation of flow
  • Develops inner strength and balance

Enhances creativity

  • Stimulates imagination and inspiration
  • Provides a feeling of comfort and contentment

Heightens perception

  • Intensifies both body and self-perception
  • Broadens the limit of space and time

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