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Category: Social Media
Industry: Luxury Marketing
Location: Global
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Reviewer: Jia Fu Jolyn, Lee – Parsons School of Design
Company: Dior
Website: Jaekel, Brielle. “Dior exemplifies how diverse social media accounts can benefit.” Luxury Daily. Jan 12, 2017. https://www.luxurydaily.com/dior-exemplifies-how-diverse-social-media-accounts-can-benefit/

As one of the few luxury brands that cater to niche audiences with separate social accounts for different markets, Christian Dior created a new Instagram account, Dior Homme, exclusively for their male demographic.

Though it might be more time consuming to manage separate accounts, it is undeniable that this discrete marketing strategy will be beneficial in the long run. Complementing its main Instagram page, Dior will be able to target specific messaging to this specific group of followers in Dior Homme, who will appreciate this tailored content more than if they were only allowed the ‘all things to all followers’ social media experience.

As such, brands should look at creating separate social media accounts to accommodate their different group of consumers to maximise engagement and interest in their online presence, while constantly maintaining brand affinity with their fan base.