#sharingeconomy #zouzoucar

Industry : Sharing Economy

Location : France

Related to : Children and parents Planning / Transportation

Reviewer : Emilie Maudens – Parsons School of Design

Company : Zouzoucar

Website : zouzoucar.com


Zouzoucar is a French start-up created by Nicolas D’Haussy who is also the founder of We Love Motion.

Zouzoucar is a free app available on Iphones which enables parents to create a circle regrouping other parents in the same neiborhood, friends and siblings and to reach them via the app in order to ask them to drive their children at school or to any extra-schoolar activities, when they are not available themselves.

The three advantages offered to the parents are : to save time, to save money but also to be less stressful regarding the schedule of each member of the family. Regarding the sustainability angle, it san be considered as a branch of car-pooling that contributes to reduce pollution and fuel consumption.

So far the app launched in 2015 is available only in France but may be exported soon.