Face-recognition – #security #privacy #fashion #algorithm

Joshua Mudgett
Category: Fashion/Cyber Security/Security/Science
Industry: Fashion/Tech
Location: California/ United States
Related to: Security/Privacy/Fashion
Reviewer: Joshua Mudgett
Company: AH projects/Hyphen Labs
Website: https://ahprojects.com/projects/hyperface/












About: Face-recognition software is becoming more and more prevalent. With Facebook, Amazon and Apple all implimenting the programs, it is beginning to catch the eye of those passionate about privacy and security. Hyperface is a project which directly targets this anxiety and solves it by using the programs own miraculous advancements and abilities against it. In order to skew and remove recognizability of a human face in facial recognition software, one must replace the face with something similar but not quite right. Hyperface uses algorithmic representations of a face, as perceived by this software, to confuse it. The end result of this is a jumbled and pixilated square which is unrecognizable as a face. The algorithm is printed on a sticker and applied to the cheek bones and chin.

This product is still in development and testing.