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Industry: Film & Television, Advertising

Location: China

Related to: Products Placement

Reviewer: Mengdie YU – Parsons School of Design

Company: Baicaowei

Website: http://hzdaily.hangzhou.com.cn/mrsb/html/2017-02/14/content_2461253.htm


Recently, one of the most popular TV drama in China is 《San Sheng San Shi》. However, the hottest topic is not about the plots, but about the implanted advertisements in this serial. The screenshots of the products placement are spread all over the social media. In recent years, this kind of phenomena that the implanted advertisements are hotter than the drama itself is very common, because the brands are actively engage in products placement innovation.

Baicaowei is a brand selling snacks. In 《San Sheng San Shi》, Baicaowei tried to immerse the brand into the story, and create some plots about this brand. The way of products placement is not let the actors speak out the name of the brand, but design some plots to make the brand become a necessary part of the story.

From 2016, Baicaowei break through the traditional brand marketing ideas, it tried to promote through musics, movies, TV dramas, and variety shows. It want to appeal the young consumers, and also want to pass their brand concepts more naturally.

Some people think that some implanted ads are too blunt, easy to make people feel weird, and also worried about the overflow of the product placement; also some people think that this kin of promoting methods are very interesting, it can amuse audiences.

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