TEDxKraków : Maker Weekend

” This year’s TEDxKraków conference will be followed by an entire weekend of making, appropriately titled Maker Weekend (26-27.10.2013). The two-day event will feature workshops by such groups and organizations as Alvernia Studios, Untitled Kingdom, WebMuses, Code for Poland and our very own speakers such as Trine Hahnemann’s bread baking workshop and Gever Tulley’s Tinkering workshop. Well today we have published the full schedule and registration links on our website, so check it out, sign up and start making! Click here: Maker Weekend.” ~ tedxkrakow.com

“The workshops cover all sorts of subjects, so everyone should find something that interests them. See below what kind of workshops, meetings and open events have we prepared for you:

  1. Alvernia Studios – film workshops
  2. Code for Poland – programming workshops
  3. Materialination – 3D printing workshops
  4. Bread Baking Workshop
  5. Czysta ReForma Theatre – Courage and performance workshop
  6. Untitled Kingdom UIKitDynamics – Liven up your interface!
  7. Untitled Kingdom – 3D design workshops
  8. Open Pitch Swarm – Hive53
  9. Grupa LASEM
  10. TINKERING WORKSHOP – Tinkering Workshops for Children and Grandparents
  11. LUKKA – Creative Making Workshop – build a MOBILE with us
  12. Illustration and Photography Workshop: Portraits
  13. PanieiPanowie – Vocal Workshop
  14. Workshop of the Art of Brewing Coffee with a Finjan
  15. WebMuses – Responsive Design Workshop
  16. Najedzeni Fest – Culinary Workshops
  17. Krakowski Teatr Tańca – Premiere of the Show “Polyamory”

~ http://tedxkrakow.com/en/events/49-MakerWeekend